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Everything started on a costal western french city called Saint-Malo.  Jérôme who would later become Broken Back was born and raised by the inspiring landscape of Bretagne beaches. He played his first notes at an early age, learning classical music and jazz with an unconventional instrument: the tuba.

At 23, he had co-founded 2 start-ups and seemed destined for a bright future. But in 2012 a displaced vertebra forced him to ease off the pace for several months.

Inspired to take his nylon guitar out of the closet, Jérôme began writing and recording his first songs.

As he shared his freshly finalised demos online, blogs and people supported his project. Then famous dj’s (Klingande, Kygo, Thomas Jack) contacted him for collaborations.

At the same time, business angels and various opportunities to raise funds for his start-ups showed up. But, instead, Jérôme decided to embrace this nascent music career.

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« I play music to tell stories »

Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy

Mixed by Broken Back, Pierrick Devin and N’to, the four tracks of “Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy” are an anthem to this 1990 generation. Everything is recorded in a student’s room. No professional studio. No additional musicians. 100% homemade production.

This first EP sounds like a borderless melody, embodying a generation that doesn’t assume any barriers between the continents. A radiant generation, born among the ashes of the prevailing crisis, and yet bursting with an unfailing optimism. A generation to which it feels good, sometimes, to look towards.

Two years ago, I really broke my back and had to recover for months. Back then I just grabbed my guitar and started to write the first songs of the EP « Dear Misfortune Mother Of Joy ». And as you can guess, I see now this past “misfortune” as one of the best opportunity I’ve ever had.

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